How to make your life Beautiful?



“Life is beautiful.”

This fantastic quote is always in use. Everybody must have listened to it. But, rarely people try to know it in-depth, make it practical in real life, and that is why a large number of the people keep worrying about it. 

Some try to understand what is life, what is its purpose, and some try to make it beautiful by buying things, sleeping more number of hours, and some try to make it great through participating in many challenging acts. 

However, extreme is always discouraged. We need to balance it our regular life if we are interested in unlocking the mystery of life. I am going to make it simple by giving you a perfect example of a musical instrument – guitar. 

The guitar if someone plays proffer a smoothing and touchy sound, but it all depends on the quality of the player and the guitar. Suppose, the guitarist is a well trained but strings of the guitar are not appropriately set, i.e., strings are set extremely free or tight, then it does not produce good sound.

The meaning here is that strings of guitar should be appropriately set so that it could produce excellent sound. In case of extreme loose or tight, it is not going to work. Hence, life will be only beautiful when you are balancing it like the strings of a guitar. However, there is no specific rubric to fix it. It can be done through persistence effort pondering well on your body, mind, and soul.